Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Wow! Ever since I got back to school I have been moving nonstop! I thought only taking 9 classes this semester would help me slow down but I guess I was wrong. I am taking three music history courses this semester out of those 9 classes and it is tough keeping everything straight. However, I really need to take them all this semester since they are not offered next semester and I want to take my Praxis II in the summer.
I have no time to even breathe on Tuesday and Thursday because I have so many classes and they are all back to back. Monday, Wednesday and Friday don't have as many classes, but I go to the gym in the morning before those classes and do homework all afternoon and evening. I start my work study job tonight and will probably end up working Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
I went home this past weekend since it was a long weekend and helped my mom finish putting in the fence we started building this summer. I also discovered that my dog had been injured while I was gone. Mom took her to the vet today and told me that it is a bulging disk in her back. It will go down and she'll be ok but it will never completely go away. From now on she needs to get a lot more exercise (something she doesn't get when I'm not home due to my mom working all day, my dad sleeping all day and working all night, and my little sister either in school or hanging out with her friends). Hopefully they can work out a good schedule so that she gets more walks because she is loved by all of us and is as much a member of our family as the humans of our family.
My knitting has come to a stand still for now. I get a few rows done on my dad's scarf every few days but until I work out my schedule there isn't much time for knitting. Once I settle into a more concrete schedule the knitting will find its way out of the drawer again.