Friday, August 14, 2009


This event is definitely blog worthy! For the first time in my life I ran a mile without stopping! I used to be in terrific shape but for the mile run at school you tried to get the best time so I would run as fast as I could until I got burnt out and then would have to slow down for awhile. Then I had all of my knee surgeries and there was no chance of me running a 1/4 of a mile, let alone a whole mile without stopping. This summer I've been working really hard at finally losing all of my surgery weight. I am very very far from my goal but instead I reached something I wasn't even trying for. In an earlier post I said that I bought the Wii fit. I have been using that as much as possible and finally tackled the running portion of it. You run in place and the screen goes through a landscape based on your pace, as if you are really outside running (much more interesting than the treadmill). I pushed through the long distance run without stopping and now I feel a tremendous feeling of accomplishment! :)
Now I'm off to drink about a gallon of water!

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