Monday, August 3, 2009

Mini Road Trips

This weekend was filled with mini roadtrips for me. On Friday I went to Erie with my mom for some shopping. I ended up getting a few more things for my apartment and some new yarn for projects.
Saturday we went to Clarion to our camp to see my aunt and uncle. They brought their puppy with them. His name is Tucker and he is a golden lab. I have never seen him, only pictures of when they got him. He is now 4 months old and 50 pounds. He is now the size of my 6 year old dog and does not look like a puppy! But he is absolutely adorable and full of energy!
Sunday we went over to Ohio for a family picnic. On the way I got some knitting done. I completed a washcloth out of my new book and started another one that I have been working on a bit today and am almost done with. The patterns have pictures in them so the first one I made is a frog and the current one is a birdhouse for my mom.
I really need to get better about posting pictures on here and Ravelry! But I never seem to know where my camera is when I'm thinking about it and by the time I find it to take pictures or upload them my little sister has taken the computer hostage!

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