Monday, August 10, 2009

When it Rains....

IT POURS!!!!!! The last couple weeks have just been filled with rain! We have one nice day and then 4-5 days of rain. And for this title to have a double earlier post was a rant on boys that just can't make up their minds. Well, I just had another very, very old acquaintance find me on facebook and Yahoo and start talking to me out of the blue. He is very flirtatious and I don't really know where this is coming from!
I find it very interesting that you can go for months/years without anyone seeming to be interested in you and then all of a sudden everyone is paying attention! It's very weird for me and I am definitely out of my element here. I'm just gonna go with the flow on this one and see what happens.
On another note, I am heading back to school in 2 weeks! I'm a little nervous for the upcoming semester, but I'm also very excited. I will be living in my own apartment this year so I don't have to deal with roommates. I also have a much lighter schedule than usual and am looking forward to the free time to do more studying, practicing, knitting, and working out (probably in that order). It will be really nice to actually have some time for myself for a change. I love to work out but never have the time. It's relaxing for me because I can just get away from everything. If I'm mad about something I can just go hit a punching bag until I'm too tired to be mad.

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