Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On The Road Again

I think I have nailed down the projects that I want to take on my trip to St. Louis this weekend. I am going to start and take one of the pillow covers for my bed. I am also going to take cotton yarn for washcloths. AND I am going to take the beginning of the Batman blanket. There are 63 rows of nothing before the symbol starts so I can work on that mindlessly. I already have 14 rows down but it still leaves 49 for the trip (I know I won't get all of it done). The new car we got has AC that works a little too well so it will be nice to feel this growing in my lap. Due to my knee problems I have shotgun the entire way.
Now, about this Batman Blanket. This is the first time I have ever designed a pattern on my own. I used an Excel spreadsheet and made many many MANY mistakes before I decided that it was good enough to try. The background of the entire thing is a dark grey. I have it as the Bat symbol being cast from a building up into the sky (beam of light and all) there are 4 buildings of various heights in the foreground with a two lane road running across the bottom. I am doing the blanket it stockinette stich so I have a border of garter stitch around the entire thing. I know it is a VERY simple pattern and will be pretty painless to execute, but I can't help feeling quite proud of myself for creating it.
My stash reduction this summer has worked wonderfully and I know only have the amount of yarn that will fit in the two drawers I am allowing for it in one of my 3 drawer organizers (the top drawer is filled with fabric and shirts for making shirts for my sorority). Now, when I move in on Monday I need to find a good place to hide this blanket once it gets bigger. It's for one of my college friends that is always coming over for dinner ( I love to cook and he loves to eat) so I need to make sure it is hidden so he doesn't find out about it until I give it to him!
On yet another tangent, I have lost 2 more pounds! I tried on the dress for my cousin's wedding today and discovered that it is quite big on me in the midsection. My mom is going to help me tack it so it doesn't hang funny now that I've lost the weight. I treated my parents to a dinner out tonight with just the three of us since I am leaving next week and I felt ready to explode before I was even close to halfway through my entree. It's a nice feeling to actually feel full without actually eating a lot.
Well, for now I am off. I'm hoping to get a little more packing done ( I did quite a bit of laundry today so I can pack most of my clothes) before I head to bed.

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