Thursday, July 2, 2009

Booga Booga!

I told myself that I would not start any new projects until I finished these scarves but the yarn arrived for one of the Booga Bags and I just had to cast on! I feel less guilty by considering that I am so sick of those scarves that I am not very productive while working on them. This way, I will get a small break and will come back refreshed and ready to knit away on the last scarf and get it done faster. I already have the bottom of the bag done and a few rows of the sides.
I am taking it over to the hospital with me and will work tonight and I think that will give me enough of a break that tomorrow I can be a good girl again and get back to the Hufflepuff Scarf.
After these scarves and the 2 Booga Bags I am planning on making, I will be reducing my stash by using leftover yarn from projects to make my "regular" scarves that only take a couple days. I just knit these in K2, P2 ribbing and my friends love them and want them much faster than I can ever crank them out!
My camera is still MIA and I am getting very frustrated! I have torn through all of my boxes and totes from school and can't find it anywhere. I know it made it home because I saw it once, but that was over a month ago and heaven only knows where it is now. That is the one disadvantage of coming home for the summer, I have no room anymore so my stuff gets moved all over the house sporadically and I never know where anything is. My box of towels ended up in the dining room and my box of dishes ended up in the upstairs hall!

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