Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Once again I am heading off to the chiropractor. I am having trouble deciding whether or not I should continue going as often as he says I need to. My mom swears by this guy but I'm just not sold yet. This week and last week I was to go 3 times a week, then the next 2 weeks go twice a week. After that he wants to see me once a week for the rest of the summer. I already have my appointments set up for the next two weeks and I think after that I will compromise and go every other week. He has definitely helped so far but I think at this stage in my life I do not actually need all of the correction that he says I need.
After my appointment I am heading home to knit until that darn Slytherin scarf is done! I am 4 inches from it being complete and I am determined it will be done today so I can get that Hufflepuff scarf started! Hopefully my yarn will be arriving soon for 2 Booga Bags off of Ravelry and I can get those started. I also have a blanket I have been crocheting that I just can't get into enough to make any progress.
The story behind the blanket...I was dating a guy (that I thought was absolutely great) and had already made him one blanket that he loved and he asked if I would make another one for him. I bought all the yarn and got very far into it. Then he dumped me. He had known for several weeks (the entire time I was making the blanket) that he was going to dump me but he couldn't work up the courage until he was back at school and we were talking online. I was so disgusted that I packed up everything he had given me plus the blanket and yarn into a box and wanted him to pick it all up. He never did because he didn't have the courage to face me while he was home and all of it is still boxed up except the blanket....I took it out one day and unraveled the entire thing. I didn't know what to do with the yarn so I decided to make another blanket, in a different pattern out of it. I got started but I just can't be motivated.


  1. Good thing you unraveled the blanket. It makes moving on easier. Keep going to the chiropractor! It really helps to go as they say. I hope you are feeling much better.