Sunday, July 12, 2009


Yesterday my mom took me shopping for various things. I went to AC Moore and found a frog mold for making candy so I can make the chocolate frogs and peppermint frogs from Harry Potter for this week. I also found some gorgeous wool that I will have to take a picture of and post before too long. My mom also found some wool that she bought for me to make her a bag. We also found colors of Red Heart yarn to perfectly match the comforter I bought this year so mommy bought some and promised to make me a blanket. I taught her how to crochet a couple of years ago and she loves making blankets for people. She makes a bunch of baby blankets and donates them to my older sister for auctions they do at the hospital where she works. The auctions benefit the American Cancer Society. I guess they make a couple hundred on each blanket. I believe it's a Chinese auction ( I get confused on what type is what, but people buy tickets and put the tickets in for whatever items they want and a name is pulled).
I also bought a ton of things for my apartment. WalMart was having a sale on dorm related materials in really fun colors so I went and stocked up on all of my blue items (blue is my favorite color and one of my school colors) I bought rugs for my bathroom, new towels, a 4-in-1 stick vacuum that works on tile and carpet (ideal for my apartment this year) a new lamp with a blue base, a new saucer chair in black (alas they were out of blue), measuring cups in blue, a new lasagna pan (blue lid) silverware (to go with the blue dishes my older sister is giving me), and then some of my school supplies. I didn't have some of these things because when I was in the dorms I shared with 3 other girls and we didn't have a kitchen. This past year I lived in a house and upstairs there was me and another girl so we split what we needed to buy. This year I am in a small student apartment on my own so I needed to buy the things that I didn't buy last year. I had a lot of fun picking everything out, especially since everything is made by the same company to match.
I also went to the mall there because I had a great coupon for Bath and Body Works. You spend $15 and get a free wallflower scent. So I bought shampoo and conditioner to try because I like all of their other products. That was $10 so I bought body wash for my mom that she wanted so that I was up to the $15 and then bought Warm Vanilla Sugar wallflowers for my apartment.
I am very excited for this year. I can't wait to live on my own. I am a neat, organized person and living with people tends to wear on me because they tend not to be as tidy as I am. At the same time, however, I won't really be alone. I am only minutes from campus so my friends can come over. Plus, it is a student apartment complex and a lot of my friends will also be living there. I am also excited because I was looking over my schedule for this semester and it will be "light" in comparison to this past year. The fall of last year I took 14 classes and this past spring I took 13 (not to be confused with credits, this is actual number of classes). This semester as of right now I only have 9. I might add one or two more but I'm not sure. Right now I only have one Friday class so I am very excited. It is over at noon so I will have the whole afternoon to study and then be free for the weekend. With not doing marching band this year and having only one class on Friday I will actually be able to go home more often and I am very excited. I only go to school an hour from home but my schedule only allowed me to go home on breaks and maybe once or twice besides that during each semester. My older sister (the one that works in a hospital 5 hours away) comes home more often than I do! Mom is very excited about my schedule as well. My parents try not to play favorites, but out of the three of us I am the one that is most like my mom so we spend as much time together as possible.
Oh my goodness this is getting long! I better be off. I promised mom some home made pumpkin bread for putting up with taking me all over creation to get the things I needed.

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