Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I bought the Wii fit last week and have been playing every day, along with my bike rides and walks over the last several weeks and the result is that I have lost a size! I am very excited. Now, comes the hard part. I am leaving tomorrow for my friend's house to celebrate the release of the new movie. To celebrate each of us is making several items from the books. I am bringing the chocolate frogs, peanut butter fudge, and chocolate fudge. Cami is making pumpkin pasties and acid pops. The other Chelsea is making Butterbeer (non-alcoholic). I am also making peppermint frogs. All of this adds up to packing on all the pounds that I just worked so hard to lose. I have a huge sweet tooth and I feel this week will be my downfall! I'm taking my knitting with me in hopes that if I knit while we are watching the previous movies I will be less tempted to reach into the goodie bags! There will probably be another post later after I am done with the fudge and frogs. I would like to post pictures of the frogs because they are going to be cute, and also the Hufflepuff Scarf that is waiting to have its picture taken.

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